Japan Moves from Assistance to Investment

by Developed Africa 24. June 2013 09:00

An interesting read from over at African Arguments. It would seem that the Japanese government is going to be focusing on various African sectors in the future because of a better understanding of the potential commercial partnerships available on the continent. Here are a couple of choice extracts:

Japan’s relationship with African countries has previously been very ‘soft’ – based largely on development assistance – worthy, but to be honest, boring. This will, it seems, continue, but under the new mantra of ‘Abenomics’ (the economic doctrine of Prime Minister Abe) interaction with the continent will focus more on what benefit Japan can accrue from its investments...

Most notably this will focus on the energy sector – Japan is very interested in developing, and presumably reaping the energy benefits of, for example, Mozambique’s huge new natural gas finds. Tanzania and Angola were also listed as countries of interest in this regard."

[Read the whole post here]

Their briefing refers largely to opportunities in emerging extractive industries but also mentions interest in pharmaceutical ventures. The announcement has been recognised as a major shift in attitude from Japan, traditionally a large donor country to African states. It represents further interest in for-profit development in Africa by East Asian countries, led in the last decade by China.

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