African Transparency: Business is the real winner

by Developed Africa 15. July 2013 09:00

Interesting article over on Devex that outlines the benefits of promoting transparency for governments, civil society and, crucially, business:

The African Development Bank (AfDB) last week became the first multilateral lender to publish its data through the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

After disclosing on July 1 data on both its public and private sector activities as well as providing precise geocoded information, AfDB joined the ranks of over 160 development organizations that seek to improve transparency on aid spending to make more effective in fighting poverty with IATI.

The decision has significant human and financial resource implications, but the bank fully believes both are justified because this “is the only way for us to conduct our development business,” said Victoria Chisala, AfDB division manager for quality assurance and results.

The AfDB has already made strides in open data - it put in place a disclosure and access to information policy back in February. As we looked at in the last post there remains something of an image problem for commercial ventures in Africa. These kind of bold, broad steps towards global standards will help to combat such problems.

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