Kenyan Traders Association demands Coffee Industry Re-vamp

by Developed Africa 31. July 2013 11:32


Following our post from Monday about changes coffee corporations are making, an article from AllAfrica highlights the demand to protect farmers comes from the KCPTA

Head of communications Sylvester Odhiambo argued that:

The current system benefits multinational traders at the expense of coffee farmers living in abject poverty" 

Therefore it is evident that despite the moves the coffee multi-nationals have made towards helping farmers with training and funding, there is far more to be done. And it should also be coming from legislation to ensure that it benefits all farmers, not just those who are connected to companies making an effort towards fairer trade. 

The Farmers said the marketing of coffee is full of bureaucracy and they are losing a lot of money to middlemen"

This is another aspect that needs addressing, ensuring that there are less links in the chain between the farm and the coffee cup in order to get the best deal for farmers. 


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