Ozwald Boateng African Development

by Developed Africa 2. August 2013 09:13


In a recent article from How We Made It in Africa about Ozwald Boateng, his passion for Africa and investment in Africa is depicted.

Quoted as saying:

I genuinely believe it is the time for Africa right now",

it is clear that Ozwald is a great supporter of developing Africa. He was a co-founder of the Made In Africa Foundation, the main focus of which is to encourage investment in African infrastructure.

An article, written by himself, in The Telegraph, Boateng shows his support for ensuring for the need to bring Africa up to speed on energy and electricity. But not only this, he argues that

It is only when Africa is part of the global system that the world economy can reach its full potential".

He sees the people of the world as inter-connected and until they work together equally, the world not reach its full economic potential.


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