The "Brain Gain"

by Developed Africa 6. August 2013 08:58

The Africa Report recently posted an article on the reverse of the Brain Drain in Africa.

It would appear, according to the report, that the "brain drain" of the 1980s and 1990s from Africa is seeing a reverse as more of the African diaspora are returning to their home countries to set up businesses and to create new opportunities both for themselves and the continent. 

Whilst there may be a tough transitional period between their lives abroad and their new lives back home, many have succeeded in realising their potential and create successful businesses. But what is clear more than anything is the general feeling that the moves back to Africa that people make are mainly family based. The decision to move back and set up business is often personal, as people want to get back to their families. As well as the draw of a change in lifestyle, Mariam Kone who moved from Canada back to Mali explained that: 

In the West, you work a lot and life is highly material. It's all about buying material stuff," she says, adding that in Mali she has struck a better balance between work and leisure."

There are many reasons for the return:

Africans are coming home from abroad—for patriotic or family reasons, or simply because of the continent's increasing opportunities."

This is what Developed Africa feels is important for the Diaspora to realise, the growing potential and growing amount of opportunities that are available to them. The Diaspora are the group to help Africa grow, with their personal vested interests in the continent, they can contribute greatly to its development. 


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