Africa can feed Africa

by Developed Africa 7. August 2013 09:00

Analysis of the sudden excitement about the "test-tube burger" and how it isn't actually that helpful to Africa.

An article in the Guardian yesterday discussed the issues of selling the idea of this "test-tube burger" as a solution to feeding the growing population of the world. Essentially it has been argued that this innovation may in the future be able to help with the worries of a lack of food resources, when faced with a possible population of 9 billion. But as the Guardian article rightly points out, it is the West in the first place which led Africa to depend upon on imports due to subsidised western-imported crops undermining internal products. And as Kanayo Nwanze, President of Ifad, points out:

Africa can feed Africa. Africa should feed Africa. And I believe that Africa will feed Africa"

He goes on to encourage the support of small farms and farmers, who are the most important actors in feeding Africa, and in order to keep them going, investment needs to be pushed towards them and not towards expensive ways of creating artificial meat. 

Agriculture holds the key to Africa's development, and development holds the key to a future where Africa is not only feeding itself, but feeding the world."

Investment in African businesses, especially agriculture, is what Developed Africa is advocating, and it is evident from this article, that this is the answer to the world's future food problems. 



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