How to Improve Slow Growing African Countries

by Developed Africa 9. August 2013 09:00

South Africa's growth reported to continue to lag.

The AFDB Economic Outlook Report published in May of this year, announced that among the slowest- growing countries were South Africa, Egypt, Swaziland and Sudan. Business Day Live repoerts that:

The African Development Bank forecasts South Africa's GDP to grow 2.8%, much more positive than current expectations of around 2%".

But that figure is still considerably lower than the expected GDP growth of countries such as Sierra Leone at 12.1% and Malawi and 6.1% for 2014. South Africa has since released its National Development Plan to be reached by 2030 in which the government plan to:

upgrade roads, ports and access to utilities"

But all these objectives will need investment, and the real way to increase growth and to appeal to international companies is to lay out plans clearly and simply in a way which investors will be able to feel sure of their investment and involvement in South Africa. This is what Developed Africa offers, and is something which other predicted slow growing countries, such as Egypt, Swaziland and Egypt, should get on board with. 



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