Developed Africa reaches over $3 billion worth of opportunities

by Developed Africa 12. August 2013 09:00

We now have 64 opportunities available on from Malawi, Cameroon and Nigeria in total worth over $3 billion. Ranging in price from the lowest at $100,000 to the highest at $1 billion. 

The number of business and investment opportunities available from Developed Africa is already a clear signal of the importance of the platform. African businesses need investment in order to prosper, and to do so they need an easy way of find investors. The easiest way for them to do so is to advertise their plans onto, free of charge. 

A wide range of sectors are represented in the opportunities available, spanning from agriculture, to energy, resources, tourism and more.

Energy is an extremely important, and growing, sector within Africa, especially many of the renewable energy projects we have advertised on our website. Renewable energy is a large new market in Africa, picking up speed due to the efficiency, sustainability and the improved access compared to the electrical grid. There a total of 12 renewable energy investment opportunities available in Cameroon spanning various regions, reaching rural communities who currently have to use the harmful, and inefficient fuel, kerosene. On top of this there is an opportunity in Malawi trying to reach rural areas with no access to electricity and provide them with batteries to fulfill their basic electricity needs. In a recent article on All Africa reporter Amadou Jallow explained the enormous impact on people's lives of the electrification of rural villages. It ends the dependence on Kerosene lamps on a domestic level, but on a higher level, it has meant traders and taxi drivers can work later due to the street lamps now in use.

Its not just energy, agriculture is another key area covered by the current opportunities, a business that needs support throughout Africa to ensure that farmers and producers can maintain their projects. In many of the opportunities it is a case of expansion or new technology and equipment, and a number include support mechanisms for Local Small Hold Farmers. 

Tourism and hospitality is an integral sector to the growth of African nations, and there are many such opportunities available from Developed Africa: including beach resorts, eco lodges, and hotels. An eco-lodge development is our least expensive opportunity currently advertised at $100,000, a promising opportunity that will not only attract tourists from across the globe, but will also provide jobs for the local area. 

Another very important sector that is available, and highly beneficial, is the construction of roads and bridges across Cameroon, allowing for increased ease of transport and also trade, these projects will have a really positive impact on lives and business in Cameroon. Not only this, but the largest investment available is the construction of a much needed development of a specialised terminals for deep draft vessels at a port in Cameroon costing $1 billion, creating not only better trade prospects but also 10,000 jobs as a direct result.

With so many opportunities to get involved in Africa, to help Africa towards development and to invest in a profitable business, Developed Africa should be the first place to look when thinking of investing in Africa.



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