The potential of "Agroforestry"

by Developed Africa 14. August 2013 09:00

An article from How We Made it in Africa on tackling the future food crisis.

A new innovation that has the potential to increase food security is called "Agroforestry" and involves: 

integrating trees with agriculture, crops, and livestock"

One way in which this works, and has been tried out in Nigeria, is that by using trees as a means of protecting crops from adverse weather conditions as well as increasing the fertility of the soil.

Besides greater cereal crop yields, the trees provide fuel wood and sellable wood, adding significantly to famrers' incomes. Many also provide edible leaves, fruits and nuts as well as fodder for livestock"

Simple solutions such as this can solve the problems Africa and the rest of the World faces in the future, such ideas and knowledge needs to be shared in order to increase productivity and security. 


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