Need for more diversified investment in Africa

by Developed Africa 15. August 2013 09:00

Growth rates may be among the fastest in the world, but investments need to start diversifying.

A recent article by Dianna Games, CEO of Africa@Work, has gone beyond the growth rate statistics to prove that they are hiding the real development image of poverty and underdevelopment that is continuing throughout Africa. It is a very interesting point that whilst the growth rates are heralded as being among the fastest growing in the world, that this disguises the fact that these countries are still struggling on a social level. 

It's fine to celebrate high growth rates in Africa, but to look at them in isolation is to distort the real picture"

As the article points out, a lot of the development and investment goes on in the major cities and economic hubs of African countries, and it is rare for investment to reach much beyond the outer-reaches of said cities. To summarise, the article concludes that more investment needs to be channeled into more rural areas and into different sectors. 

There is no doubt much has changed and there is starting to be a "rising tide" effect of growing, and increasingly diversified, investment in Africa. But the growth is resting on shaky pillars."

In order to ensure that a wider base of projects are funded, investors can look to Developed Africa for a large variety of investment opportunities and projects, many of which look to expand beyond the main cities and hubs of African countries in order to reach the members of society that investment projects have thus far ignored.


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