Growth and Poverty in Africa

by Developed Africa 21. August 2013 09:00

This years Africa's Pulse report from the World Bank has shown that whilst poverty has decreased, it is not nearly enough. 

Whilst there is such a focus at the moment on the massive steps African countries are making in economic growth, with more growth should come a reduction in poverty. A recent article from the African Economist argued that there had indeed been a lot of improvements in reducing poverty across the continent, but that in order to properly reflect the growth in economies, development needs to be implemented in the right areas.

much remains to be done to raise the quality of life for the many who live in extreme poverty"

Actions need to be taken to ensure that there is widespread improvement of life, and that everyone is benefiting from the speed of growth, not just a few. Important development areas to ensure this are most definitely agriculture and electricity as well as health and education.

The article quotes the World Bank's Vice President for Africa, Makhtar Diop as saying:

without more electricity and high agricultural productivity, Africa's development future cannot prosper"

There is evidence that the presence of one light in a family home increases the income and productivity of that family by 25%. Small improvements like this, that produce such extraordinary results prove just how easy it would be to reduce poverty along side the growth of the economy.

Governments have recognised this and are willing to change the current circumstances. But what is needed more than anything is investment, and projects that will allow Africa to leave poverty behind can advertise themselves through Developed Africa, in order to get the investment to get their project underway. 


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