Tourism in Namibia and How to Progress

by Developed Africa 22. August 2013 09:00

A recent article in The Namibian discussed the importance of focus on how best to develop Namibia's tourism sector.

Tourism is the fasting growing industry in Namibia due to it being one of the most

breath taking eco-tourism destinations on the planet".

And it would appear that Namibia has something other African countries lack in terms of tourism. And that is the fact that there are more travelling to Namibia visiting for leisure tourism purposes than for business.

But despite the popularity of the leisure tourism market, it is arguable that there is huge potential for growth in the business travel market, and due to its rich resources, one that Namibia could benefit from greatly. Combining that with its vast beauty, it could be the perfect destination for both travel and leisure tourism. 

In terms of investment and development, the government of Namibia are well aware of the potential of the tourism industry, Uahekua Herunga, the Minister for Environment and Tourism has said that: 

the tourism industry presents great opportunities to promote economic, social development, and environmental protection" 

The article itself argues for the importance of the meetings industry, as it is the perfect combination of both business and leisure tourism, as delegates attending meetings will almost always book leisure activities during their stay.

Namibia is in an ideal situation from which it can expand its tourism industry and open it up to the business sector. Due to the booming leisure tourism industry, the infrastructure is there from which a business tourism sector can be built. On top of this, the expanse of the current leisure tourism sector is attracting people to the area who will be able to see the potential of Namibia for business, and will return.

Of course, investment will be needed in order to allow this area to expand and therefore business tourism-based companies can upload their opportunities and projects to in order to attract investors. 


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