Public-Private Partnerships to be Encouraged in Africa

by Developed Africa 11. September 2013 09:00

An African Economist article argued the case for Public private partnerships as a way to aid African economies.

Despite the fact that economies of many African countries have started to see high growth rates, this has not translated to a reduction in poverty or improved lives for Africa's poor. Employment rates have not risen at the same rate, and measures need to be taken to ensure that as economies start to do well, it has a positive effect on the lives of Africans.

Africa's economies need to improve their public institutions and infrastructure, deepen regional integration and provide their citizens with quality education"

Private companies and investors need to join forces with the public institutions in order to provide the proper services for each countries' people. Developed Africa strongly advocate the movement towards investment in business and services from private businesses in order to improve public standards of life.




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