Sustainable Energy and Electrifying Africa: Part One

by Developed Africa 23. September 2013 09:00

Energy in Africa is a very prevalent and important matter that needs to be addressed.

It is apparent that Africa desperately needs to increase its energy capacity in order to meet the high demand for energy that will gradually increase in coming years:

According to a Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) report on energy, the continents power demand will increase six-fold between 2010 and 2040, an average growth of nearly 6% a year"

And it is integral that the energy supply created should be sustainable, in order for Africa to avoid not only the environmental consequences but the bad economic impact as well.

It is important for the continents development that it embraces icreasing energy infrastructures and investment into energy resources, as it is argued by many that without being able to supply its own energy resources, real development is not going to be possible. The African Union commissioner for infrastructure and energy argued that:

Africa needs energy access in order to become competitive. Energy is a prerequisite for development, health, education, portable water, industrialisation, and combating poverty. It is essential for our development; we cannot achieve a prosperous Africa without securing energy"

Being able to power itself will allow Africa to not only be independent in terms of where it gets its energy, but also, it will allow the continent to do so much more on its own towards its own development.

There are many different initiatives set out by various different organisations or governments to combat the issue of energy in Africa, to name a few there is the World Bank's "African Electrification Initiative", Barack Obama's "Power Africa", and the UN's "Sustainable Energy for All" to name a key few. 



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