Mobile Phones in Africa and their Potential

by Developed Africa 26. September 2013 09:00


There have recently been a lot of reports about how successful the growing use of mobiles has been in Africa, for a number of reasons.

A recent small article from Humanosphere featured this infographic:

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The article also put forward Kerr Neilson (Australian investment manager and billionaire)'s view that by having access to mobile phones Africans can access so many more useful applications that can help them in their everyday and working lives, such as weather predictions, product prices and the ability to transfer money at the touch of a button. And whilst it might seem that just having a mobile phone cannot help all that much, these are capabilities rural African people would not have access to otherwise, and it presents them with the abilities to be ahead of the game in a number of areas, farming for example.

People become less isolated through the use of technology, and especially mobile phones, it also becomes easier to access healthcare. These are just a couple of the arguments put forward by Jeffrey Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Colombia University, and recently reported in an article from the Guardian about the usefulness of mobile phones in development. 

When speaking of technology, and specifically mobile technology Sachs said:

It has changed how everything about development is done"

But now the task is to get as many people as possible access to mobile phones and technology in order to capitalise on this realisation. 


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