Educating Africa

by Developed Africa 27. September 2013 09:00

 Education in Africa is an important aspect of poverty reduction and needs constant attention

 Education is an important tool in combatting poverty in developing countries, especially at this time as the African country growth rates are reaching new heights, and growing businesses need educated and skilled people to employ. An article from Forbes argues that

despite high unemployment rates on the continent, employers often struggle to fill vacancies. In a PWC survey of 1,330 global CEOs, over half report concerns about finding the right talent to reach business targets. Vast skills gaps are holding back job creation and growth in many African economies"

So not only are there not enough children with access to education, those who do attend school are not receiving the right skills training for future employment. This is a serious lapse which needs to be addressed, not only so individuals can be educated properly, but so that African countries can continue to grow, and thus improve education.


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