Stream Global Services Acquires Tunisia-Based N2SP

by Developed Africa 23. October 2013 09:00

Stream Global services acquisition of N2SP Tunisie this week adds chat and email support capability to its French language services.

A service and support company for Europe, N2SP Tunisie, has been acquired this week by the global service provider Stream Global Services. Meaning that Stream Global now has a larger and more advanced presence in Europe. It would appear that their vision is under way to bring the best service to their clients by becoming:

the leading integrated, global business process outsourcing solution provider"

The services provided by N2SP, and now also by Stream Global, include hotline maintenance and technical support and customer service activities. Leading members within N2SP will remain in their positions so as to help with the period of transition into working under a new organisation.

The main services already already outsourced by Stream Global to Fortune 1000 companies involve sales, customer care, and technical support services, by a workforce of over 39,000 employees, working in over 35 languages. The move comes as Stream is aiming to expand its international presence, beyond its already 55 service centres in 22 countries, in order to improve on the efficiency which it offers its customers. 

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