The Ethical Interests of Business

by Developed Africa 30. October 2013 09:00

Following our posts on Monday and Tuesday, we thought it a good idea to highlight how acting ethically is in the best interest of business.

As we have previously mentioned in past articles when dealing with the issue of ethics, such as in Projects for Quality Coffee Bean Farmingwe have wanted to assert that whilst we are promoting the use of ethical methods, that this is not only an argument for better treatment of people, but that it is genuinely better for business.

A recent article from the Times has examined this exact issue. The article focuses more on how charitable actions place companies higher in the public's mind, but the precedent remains the same. In the article it is depicted that customers are more likely to:

recommend companies they believe have a positive stance on social responsibility" 

Thus, the same can be applied to companies working in developing countries producing food, or to governments and big businesses making large land transactions that move people from their homes. The general public will, once they are made aware of an issue (as shown by Oxfam), begin to compare companies on how they treat people and communities, and on how fair they are. Therefore it is actually good business sense to ensure that you treat people you encounter in your business endeavours with respect and fairness.


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