China in Africa: Part Two

by Developed Africa 19. November 2013 09:00

Following on from yesterday's blog we look further into the moves that are being made by China in Africa

Yesterday's post focused on the motivations of African's across the continent to do business with China, today we've taken a look at what investments China is making in Africa and why. There is a lot of debate over China's interest in Africa, and a lot of reports suggesting that there is some kind of imperialist notion behind it. That aside, there are obviously strategic reasons for getting involved in Africa, but it would be naive to believe such daunting accusations as that. 

In fact, an article from the Guardian proves that many investors are not only interested in profiting themselves, but in fact they see their presence in Africa as key to helping develop African capabilities and business rather than just their own. The article focused on the manger of a Chinese footwear manufacturer which has established a presence in Ethiopia, and they want to create a hub for world-wide shoe manufacturing, whilst at the same time ensuring that it is not just they that prosper, but local businesses succeed from the venture also.

I want to help them grow because when local producers grow, the whole market is growing. If it is just myself growing here in fiver year's time, I will leave."

Obviously this does not mean that all Chinese investors and business leaders are intent on ensuring that others benefit from their work, in fact many are doing it for particular reasons, future food and energy supply for example. But, just as with companies from the West, there are a range, and they should not all be tarnished with the same brush. 


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