Tourism in South Africa

by Developed Africa 21. November 2013 09:00

Tourism is an important aspect of South Africa's economy, but there are many more valuable experiences than pretending to live in poverty.

It recently came to our attention through an article from Humanosphere, that there appears to be a new fad among the rich to spend a night "experiencing life" in a South African "shanty town". See the article for further details about this new trend. 

This post is here to highlight the thousands of tourism opportunities across South Africa that allow you to have an enjoyable time and contribute to the economy without patronising those for whom poor and unsanitary conditions are a reality.

The famous Garden Route
Midlands Meander

Historical and Cultural
Cradle of Human Kind
Constitution Hill
The National Art Gallery

South Coast Diving
Whale Watching
Wine Making Tours

All of which can be done whilst staying at conventional tourist hotels and accommodation that contribute to the economy of South Africa without being offensive.


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