Africa's Population Growth

by Developed Africa 22. November 2013 09:00

A map to show how the populations of the world are changing, from the Washington Post.

Following on from this post, we decided to look into what the population growth in Africa means for the continent, and in fact discovered that it does not spell the doom that many fear it does.

An article from the World Bank actually argues that it is a positive thing. And the main point to take from the article is that whilst many will try and argue that Africa's population growth is going to be too much, when we look at the area that they have to grow in to, there should not be so much fuss. Europeans are currently (when the article was written in 2010) 170 to the square metre, whereas Africans are only 70. Population density is far higher in Europe and no one makes any noise about it. 

Not only this, surely what can be taken from this population growth is that there will be a larger population to be able to support the economy- more workers. Especially as the populations of a number of areas of Europe are decreasing, the labour force available in Africa will be astronomical, not only providing jobs for Africans but also providing production bases for a lot of the world's manufacturers.

The accompanying article from the Washington Post argues that:

Africa's amazing growth could bring great opportunity for the countries there, as well as significant risk. Natural resources will be stretched, risking returns to instability, and as more people move into cities, the demand for social services will go up."

However, whilst it is sensible to highlight these dangers, the article does argue that all of those reasons for more suffering could actually go the other way and improve the quality of life in Africa. 


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