Summary: Lions Go Digital Report

by Developed Africa 18. December 2013 09:00

Developed Africa has often noted the importance of technology for Africa's development, now we take a look at a report which has looked into the transformative potential of the internet for Africa. 

Despite the fact that currently only 16% of Africans are online, the report states:

More than 720 million Africans have mobile phones, some 167 million already use the Internet, and 52 million are on Facebook."

These staggering statistics are proof of just how easily mobile technology is penetrating the continent, and is evidence that it is only going to grow from here. 

And as Developed Africa itself has previously reported, the report shows that with the innovation of the internet, the entrepreneurship market across Africa has exploded. The internet has not only allowed for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses online relatively cheaply, but it has also allowed for the creation of sites that help to get entrepreneurs funded. But it is not just helpful to the finances of entrepreneurs, but to everyone, and it looks set to get make finances and banking easier for even the most rural people:

the Internet is likely to be a huge accelerator of financial inclusion as it reduces transaction costs and brings financial services to people who may live far from the nearest bank branch or ATM."

The report also states the importance the internet is going to have for education, in the shape of e-books; health, by remotely diagnosing patients in rural areas, saving time and money for all; and in agriculture, by connecting farmers together, and giving them easy access to farm management information, including weather updates.

There are many more advantages that the internet will bring to Africa, helping the continent to develop at an accelerated rate, and to read more check out the rest of the report


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