Ban Ki-moon's Call for Greater International Support

by Developed Africa 14. January 2014 09:00

Years of development are at stake. A generation of young people is at risk"

These are the words Ban Ki Moon used when urging the international community on Friday to provide more assistance in the face of conflicts and disasters. 

But his speech was not just about money and provisions, he wants the international community to come together to promote peace, but also to ensure that the consequences for committing crimes and causing extreme suffering are made clear.

Together, we must send a strong message that there will be accountability for the killing, raping, chemical weapons attacks and other atrocious crimes that have been committed"

The main grasp of the address was to encourage donors and supporters of humanitarian response to ensure that they keep up the support. But he also moved on to discussing what needs to be done in the future in terms of the post-2015 agenda, especially in terms of climate change. His speech has sent a strong message to the international community to fully commit to their support against conflict, as well as to take a strong stance against climate change.


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