Fourth Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit

by Developed Africa 22. January 2014 09:00

This year, the Annual Pan-African Youth Leadership Summit focused on youth unemployment, and how to solve the crisis.

The topic of youth unemployment is a difficult one to tackle, but the summit hopes to produce recommendations over the next few days to pass on to both the AfDB and the UN for policies of youth unemployment and the economy.

Whilst African countries are seeing an increase in economic growth, it is still not creating enough jobs for the youth, it would appear that too much of the growth is kept amongst the elites, when what really needs to be done is focus on plan to get more young people into jobs. Because the consequences of unemployment for such a large youth population are poverty, illiteracy, as well as an increased likelihood to participate in crime, and to turn to drugs and alcohol. 

According to Afrique en Ligne, here is what the summit have advised:

  • "implementation of the African Charter for the Youth"
  • "priority to be given to youth employment and health in both national and international plans", and
  • "the setting up of a special fund which will encourage youth entrepreneurship"

On the subject of employment and solutions, the Guardian published an article last week that tackles the best way education in Africa can help to combat unemployment, focusing on vocational training:

Vocational education tends to result in a faster transition into the workplace, and countries that have it at the core of the curriculum - such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands - have been successful in maintaining low youth unemployment rates."


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