Solution to Zimbabwe's Power Problem

by Developed Africa 31. January 2014 09:00

The AfDB has promised a grant of $53 million to improve their power sector

Following our post of Tuesday about energy and the environement, comes the news about the AfDB granting $53 million to Zimbabwe to help improve its often dire energy production situation. So perhaps our analysis of their tobacco sector was not a fair one, as they have such a large power production problem across the whole of the country that it would be unreasonable to expect sectors to improve outside of that context.

the grant is expected to help plug the growing power deficit that has reduced productivity in Zimbabwe's mining, manufacturing, and industry sectors."

The country has been suffering due to the actions of former President Mugabe's neglect of power and water supply. The grant should help to boost production of energy as well as to ensure it reaches through the whole country, as Mr Chinamasa has said he thinks that:

the grants would go a long way towards eliminating the energy defecit in Zimbabwe, ensuring every city and town in the country have running water."

What is really important is that the power plants that they are investing the money into are mainly hydro power plants, which is fantastic, as it means they will be starting out on a good foot with their energy production. 


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