African Fashion

by Developed Africa 6. February 2014 09:00

The first African Fashion Week in London was in 2011, and the interest has just kept growing.

African fashion has seen a sharp intake in interest from across the globe in the past decade, a fashion designer from Malawi, Lilly Alfonso, has said that:

there has never been a better time to be in the African fashion industry as it is receiving a lot of international attention."

But whilst this attention is fantastic she still wants to ensure that African (Malawian, more to the point) remains so, and when asked by investors whether or not she would consider moving her business out of Malawi, she firmly declined.

because I don't want to make it in life and then see my country is poor. It doesn't make me any better."

African styles are not just taking off in the fashion world, African clothing is appealing to the public too. As Ghanaian-born Canadian fashion designer,  Abigail Coleman discovered when she showcased her designs at a fashion week in Saskatchewan. 

Coleman said she expected her choice of bold colours and designs might only appeal to a handful of African women now calling Regina home... but when she showcased her deisgns on the runway last spring, they appealed to a wide spectrum of women."

Perhaps, African fashion will finally start to take hold world wide.


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