Realistic look at Digital Development in Africa

by Developed Africa 25. February 2014 09:00

There is a lot of discussion about how important technology is going to be for Africa's development, but there needs to be a focus on the price of how that will be achieved, and how realistic it is.

An article from BD Live recently about IT in Africa reported that regarding Sub-Saharan Africa:

investment group Convergence Partners puts the region's annual ICT investment requirements at $20bn"

And that estimation is just for catching up with the reset of the world in terms of connectivity and coverage throughout each country such as laying fibre-optic cables. Whereas in previous posts we have discussed how important mobile technology is going to be to Africa in terms of its development, we do need to realise that whilst there are a lot of stages that they can skip out which developed countries have gone through, there is still a lot of work to be done it terms of getting up to speed. 

So despite the large amount of rhetoric that goes on around how technology is a growing asset throughout Africa, it needs to be recognised how much work and money needs to go into that, and just talking about its importance is not what will make it happen. But what is even more important to realise, that once all that effort is put into technology, and all that investment is made, it will really start to pay off.

According to McKinsey's 2013 Lions Go Digital report, increased us of the internet in Africa could result in a $300bn boost to the continent's annual GDP by 2025."

And as Developed Africa has pointed out in previous posts the possibilities, once IT and mobile technology is up to standard, will be endless. 


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