Focus on Zimbabwe

by Developed Africa 28. February 2014 09:00

As there have been a number of trips from various organisations focusing on Zimbabwe recently, it seemed appropriate to look into its potential.

Both the European Investment Bank and the UN WFP have been to Zimbabwe recently in order to look at its progress in development. 

The European Investment Bank is planning a trip to Zimbabwe in order to look further into investment potential in the country, 

the EU ambassador said investment by the bank would help ease working capital and liquidity constraints which local industry is battling with."

however, it would appear that the EIB is still wary of investing in the country due to the debts that the country still owes to the bank, but by visiting the country two years in a row to investigate investment potential could be a positive sign. 

Meanwhile, the UN WFP have been visiting Zimbabwe, looking specifically in the area of assisting those in the country who are vulnerable. The acting President of Zimbabwe met with the executive director of the WFP in order to discuss programmes they were putting in place and the support they were receiving from the organisation.

We do not want to do what we think, but what is required by Zimbabwe. I am here to confirm that we are with you. We see ourselves as your partner and we look forward to work together with Government and the country." 

However, the visit came with a warning. There is a worry that if Zimbabwe cannot fix the high levels of malnutrition that are sweeping the country, the potential for development is rapidly decreasing. But it is not just a case of the WFP throwing more money into its programmes, but funding constraints are stopping their ability to provide relief to the people of Zimbabwe.


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