Resources and Manufacturing

by Developed Africa 11. March 2014 09:00

It is often purported that Africa needs to embrace its resources as its own, but more than this, African countries need to use their own resources on their shelves.

Whilst African countries contain a large and produce a large percentage of resources for the entire world such as cocoa, sugar, oil, diamonds etc. there is a noticeable lack of 'homegrown' goods sold in African markets. Surely if African countries produced and manufactured things themselves, they would not be so easily manipulated by international buyers.

Without strong industries in Africa to add value to raw materials, foreign buyers can dictate and manipulate the prices of these material to the great disadvantage of Africa's economies and people."

Developed Africa has written about the need for manufacturing in across African nations, and it would appear that the likelihood of it is growing. But what is important to note, is just why it is necessary and how much difference it would make. It is clear at the moment that the African producers are dependent on exporting, and therefore it is very easy for buyers to exploit them for the lowest price they chose, because there is little choice. However, if manufacturing and production started within African countries then this would no longer be the case, and products could actually be created on the continent, giving them more leverage once it comes to exporting. 


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