Health and Agriculture Forecasting

by Developed Africa 13. March 2014 09:00

A lot of complications come out of poor weather conditions when they are so extreme as some are in across Africa. 

A data gathering project that was originally set up in 2000 is allowing for better weather and climate predictions to be made, that inevitably will help in various areas of agriculture as well as health. 

It would appear from research that the risk of diseases such as meningitis are increased and decreased with the rising and falling of the monsoon season. So being able to predict the patterns by which the weather works is starting to become incredibly useful in this area, possibly allowing for increased protection against the diseases during peak danger times.

The threat of meningitis subsides with the onset of the rainy season- when malaria outbreaks rise."

Not only is this new and spreading data collection good for health, but it is also good for agricultural planning, in terms of knowing when to purchase expensive products such as seeds or fertiliser, because a lot of money can be saved by knowing ahead of time that purchasing them would be futile.


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