Analysis: African Transformation Report 2014

by Developed Africa 17. March 2014 09:00

Last week a report was launched looking into how African countries should capitalise on their growth.

The report starts off by focusing on the fact that whilst growth is good, there needs to be more in order to ensure real development and transformation. This 'something more' that the report specifies is a depth to the growth; which they define as: 

Diversification, more Export competitiveness, more Productivity increases, more Technological upgrading, and more improvements in Human well-being."

But it is not as if this is the first report to recognise that growth alone is not enough, so how do they suggest this should be done?

The main crux of the article is on expanding the capabilities of African economies, and changing the systems that have been in place for years. A particular focus is put on four ways in which depth can be created in this growth transformation. They include, unsurprisingly, manufacturing; agroprocessing; oil, gas, and minerals; and tourism. So nothing particularly new here. Although the report is very useful, and goes into great depth as to where it thinks the best moves need to be made, it is nothing that anyone hasn't thought of before.

To read the full report, click here.


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