Food Retailers in Africa

by Developed Africa 27. March 2014 09:00

A look at the impact large food corporations could possibly have on the continent. 

Connected slightly to our blog on Monday, this post takes a closer look at the consequences that changing the food sector across Africa could have on small businesses. As we discussed in the post on Monday, SMEs appear to be at the heart of boosting economies, but do they then disappear once the economies are grown and the corporations take over? And is this a bad thing, or just the way the world works?

with big food retailers looking to repeat their successes as they expand into Africa, the local entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) currently at the heart of African food retailing could be similarly under threat."

As the article from Think Africa Press points out however, this does not have to be the direction that the food market takes in Africa, there is the possibility to use the power of the corporations to help Africa in its development journey.  For instance this can be achieved by:

funds to establish new facilities for the drying, freezing, processing or packaging of foods such as wild greens, spices, and mangoes so they meet global standards could create jobs."

On top of this increased demand for such products could boost business for local suppliers and traders.


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