Hunger and Climate Change

by Developed Africa 28. March 2014 09:00

This week has seen a lot of news articles regarding increased hunger related to climate change, ahead of the release of a new report from the IPCC on Monday.

A report from Oxfam report came out on Tuesday in order to analyse how prepared we are for climate change to change the way we need to attack hunger, before a report from the IPCC is released this week that will show the real impact climate change will have on hunger across the globe. In their analysis of how prepared we are to adapt, Oxfam used 10 policy areas to assess it thoroughly, and those were: Adaptation Finance, Social Protection, Food Crisis Aid, Food stocks, Gender, Public agricultural investment, Agricultural research gap, Crop irrigation gap, Crop insurance gap, and Weather monitoring gap.

While our results show a great deal of variability in preparedness between and within countries, the global picture is of a food system that is dangerously unprepared for the impacts of climate change."

The idea behind this report is to create more motivation across the world in terms of climate action, when people realise the full reality of the food crisis that will happen due to climate change, the more they will do to prepare.


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