Congo River Grand Inga Dam

by Developed Africa 3. April 2014 09:00

Plans are underway to build a dam that could help power not only Africa, but Europe as well.

As the video from the BBC explains, the dam is the third of its kind to be proposed for the river. The plans for the dam come at a time when the whole continent is facing a huge energy gap, one that needs to be filled quickly in order for African economies to develop and thrive. 

A large chunk of funding for the project is coming from the World Bank, which has approved a grant of $73.1 million.

The money, combined with another $33 million from the Africa Development Bank, will fund technical studies to analyze the dam's environmental and social impact and ensure it is sustainable, the World Bank said in a statement."

South Africa is also involved, having agreed with the DRC last year that it would provide funding for the project as well as buy a large majority of the energy generated once the dam is up and running.

It is projected that the plant is going to be able to produce 4,800 MW of power, and whilst over a third of that will be sold to both South Africa and to Congo's mining industry:

the remaining 1000 megawatts would go to the national utility SNEL, helping provide power to an estimate 7 million people around Kinshaha, Congo's capital."

Now this is when the dam will positively impact the Congo, and the people of Congo, as such a huge boost to their economy and to their power capacity will be of incredible importance.


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