Employment Rights in Zambia

by Developed Africa 23. April 2014 09:00

Just recently, the social security Minister of Zambia has spoken out on exploitation of vulnerable workers.

Mr Shamenda has called for companies to ensure that they do not exploit workers due to the high unemployment rates, making it clear that those in desperate need of jobs should not be taken advantage of.

We are concerned about Livingstone and as Government we will not entertain any abuse of workers. However, those who are lazy or misbehave at places of work will not be protected by the government."

 This is an interesting development in the area of workers’ rights in Africa, as there has been for a long time a system of “self-regulation”. So does this mean that we could start to see a change in the regulation of workers’ rights in the coming years? Because Mr Shamenda made it clear that if employers do not stick to guidelines and fair pay, would face prosecution. If there are more leaders who start to take this approach it is very possible that changes could start to be made in terms of workers rights, but obviously it would be a slow process.


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