Electrification: Part 2

by Developed Africa 9. May 2014 09:00

Continuing from yesterday's post, we look further at the task of electrification, and how it is being achieved in a number of different countries across the continent, with varying levels of success.

South Africa, for example is heralded as being "light years" ahead of the rest of the continent in terms of household electrification.

the 2011 Census put South Africa's access rate at just under 85%, with more connections since likely to have increased the figure closer to government's ultimate goal of 97% access by 2025"

South Africa, until recently, was the largest economy in Africa so it is understandable that it would be the most developed in terms of electricity coverage. However, this is not to say that the rest of the continent is getting nowhere, as it was announced at the end of April that the EU are awarding grants to 16 energy projects in 9 countries in Africa, in order to bring the continent closer to providing energy to its poorest. 

On top of this, an energy report from the Green Alliance, launched by the Labour party in the UK, has reported that:

projections for achieving universal energy access in sub-Saharan Africa...assume that just over half the provision will need to be mini and off-grid solutions"

This is in concurrence with the conclusion of yesterday's post that using off-grid production for rural areas would be not only the best way of reaching areas thus-far unreachable areas across the continent, but would make the most economical sense. 


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