Lack of Female Entrepreneurs

by Developed Africa 15. May 2014 09:00

At a time when entrepreneurship is being heralded as a good way to get ahead across Africa, that might not be the case for women as much as it is for men.

It appears that there is an inequality in the number of female entrepreneurs compared to male entrepreneurs, which could be due to women being discouraged from such pursuits. But it seems that it is an issue not an issue unique to Africa, but that across the world:

Women still struggle to access the capital they need to spur economic development” 

But at the rate that women do actually push ahead with their business plans and ideas, if the obstacles they face were removed and they were given the correct support then, according to a study from the IMF:

Women could become a driver of global growth. For countries, that would mean increased GDP and greater stability. For companies, it promises the “shared value” of driving the bottom line while creating social good.”

Specifically in Africa though, the evidenjce of the lack of female entrepreneurs is clear from the application statistics for the Anizsha Prize, Africa's foremost award for young entrepreneurs, as less than a third of applications were from women.


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