Engineering and Infrastructure

by Developed Africa 19. May 2014 09:00

Addressing engineering and lack of infrastructure is one thing that will boost Africa's growth.

Infrastructure, as Developed Africa recently reported, is an extremely important area in terms of Africa's development, there is not adequate infrastructure currently across the continent, but once this changes, it will make a big difference to the development of African nations.

The World Bank projects that Africa will need to invest US$93 billion a year over the next decade to meet its infrastructure shortfalls."

Expansion of broadband, increased training of engineers, and projects should involve some fill some form of education objectives. But what is extremely important is that governments ensure that when securing project agreements they should aim to involve local workers, as well as ensuring an element of education and training as part of the project, to encourage more people into engineering. And in Universities it is incredibly important to supply courses that are relevant to real world needs:


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