China in Africa Part 1

by Developed Africa 26. May 2014 09:00

China's interest in Africa has been evident in recent years, but are things starting to change?

Firstly, we will look at the reaction to China's involvement in Africa, and how perceptions have recently begun to change. Whilst it is clear that African nations are greatly in need of the infrastructure that projects from China are providing, the manner in which they are played out is often not beneficial to African countries, with the possibility that some are even detrimental to development. 

And it isn't just international outsiders noticing, recently more African citizens have been picking apart the issues in the Chinese investment projects. There are several key issues with the way in which investment is being conducted: 

China typically favours its state-owned companies for African projects and bypasses open, competitive bidding procedures."

Not only this, but it has been contested that developments such as the East African Railway due to begin work in October could have been better for the African economies involved had it gone through the World Bank for funding, rather than being left with a high amount of debt. 



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