Foreign Investment at All Time High

by Developed Africa 28. May 2014 09:00

A number of reports released recently are all confirming that foreign investment in Africa is reaching a record high.

Both the EY African Attractiveness survey 2014 and the African Economic Outlook 2014 both discuss the new heights that foreign direct investment is reaching on the African continent. 

The African Economic Outlook, complied by the AfDB, OECD, and UNDP released last week, discusses the new heights that investment in the continent will reach this year, predicting that by the end of 2014 $80 billion will have been invested into African nations. However, there it is important to recognise that this investment is not necessarily benefiting the whole continent equally:

the top six recipients, representing one-third of the continent's population, received the same amount of foreign directinvestment as the remaining 48 countries together."

The Attractiveness survey from EY also highlighted that Africa's share in global FDI is at the highest it has been this decade, providing evidence that Africa's attractiveness to the world is on the up. However, within this it is again evident that the whole continent as a whole is not equal in its shares of this investment. 

While FDI projects in North Africa declined by nearly 30%, projects in SSA (Sub-Saharan Africa) increased by 4.7% reversing the decline of 2012."

Take a look at this infographic from EY that sums up some key points of the survey:


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