EU 2030 Climate Package

by Developed Africa 3. June 2014 09:00

Today saw the release of Oxfam's advice for the Eu on what their targets for their 2030 Energy and Climate plan should include.

Up to 72 percent of the EU's imports come from the developing world and areas that are particularly vulnerable to climate change."

The main crux of the article appears to be highlighting the dependence the Eu actually has upon the rest of the world in terms of imports that allow it to function. A main aim for Europe is to start to step-up the move to reaching higher targets of emission reduction by increasing the efforts made into renewable energy. However, it is important to note that Europe cannot simply now just start to try and become more self-sufficient and leave the rest of the world, upon which it has depended, to shoulder the burden it would leave behind. Oxfam's recommendations are insistent on Europe helping developing nations to cope with climate change and adaptation:

Oxfam believes that a fair offer from the EU for the global talks in Paris in 2015 would be an unconditional pledge to mitigate at least 55 percent of emissions domestically, complemented by financial support for climate action in developing countries, especially the poorest, after 2020."

You can read Oxfam's recommendations in full here:




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