Coal Debate

by Developed Africa 4. June 2014 09:00

There appear to be differing opinions among international organisations over the impact of coal funding in Africa.

It is the ongoing struggle on whether or not developing nations should have to use less fossil fuels in order to combat climate change and make the move to renewables, whilst at the same time risking falling behind on development plans. Whilst it is clear that things need to change in order to stop global warming worsening, it seems wrong to tell developing countries that they aren't allowed the same advantages on the road to development as now developed countries once had.

This is the argument coming from the AfDB who refuse to stop coal funding to poor countries, whilst organisations such as the World Bank, European Bank, and a number of European nations have taken steps to cut coal funding in light of climate change targets.

It's very easy for some of our partners sitting in more developed countries to make certain pronouncements without understanding the whole impacts on the developing world of what they're saying."

But it is easy to see the partners from developed nations as the bad guys for wanting to stop coal funding, but it is due to enormous public and political pressure that they themselves has a goal to cut the amount of fossil fuel projects they support and fund. So whilst it may look to be hypocritical and selfish, it is because of targets they have to meet themselves. Having said that, the developed world really should be taking into account the fact that whilst renewable energy should be developed upon and heavily encouraged, there are still millions of people without access to power across the world, and coal may still be needed for at least a while to bring them into the grid.


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