Aid and Donors

by Developed Africa 5. June 2014 09:00

Since a rising number of African countries are become less dependent on aid, will donors lose their control?

as official development assistance money flowing to Africa declines as a proportion of total flows, donors are talking about how they can adapt their engagement with African countries to make themselves more relevant over the long term."

An article in the Guardian from September reflected upon what changes can be made by donors in order to remain relevant and to be of better help in the changing environment of growth in many African nations. 

leveraging private capital, crowding in investment, and fighting poverty through trade, investment and the private sector."

Making it clear that donors need to find a way to adapt their methods in order to benefit African economies under the changing circumstances. For instance the focus should be on structural transformation, energy, sustainability, and infrastructure. But it is highly important to stress the necessary inclusion of the private sector to fight poverty through investment rather than charity.

But it is significant that the subject of aid has become a peripheral issue in talk about Africa's future"


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