Women: In Business

by Developed Africa 16. June 2014 09:00

Female entrepreneurs in Africa are on the rise, and are pulling themselves out of poverty. But there is still a lot to fight through.

Africa now has the highest growth rate of female-run enterprises across the world, according to the World Bank."

However, there is a new gap between the genders that may be making starting a business harder, as it appears that there is a new digital gap:

On average across the developing world, nearly 25 percent fewer women than men have access to the Internet, and the gender gap soars to nearly 45 percent in regions like sub-Saharan Africa."

As with a lot of the gender gap problems that persist in the developing world, the problem is one of accessibility and movement. For instance, men are more likely to have the money to gain access to technology and the internet, and are therefore able to move leaps and bounds ahead in technological skills. By gaining skills in technology, it can often now mean better access to jobs.

Access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can be essential for women entrepreneurs in starting and growing a business and overcoming barriers they face."



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