Women: In Politics

by Developed Africa 17. June 2014 09:00

Two weeks ago, West African officials came together for a conference on female leadership.

There are a lot of voices joining in the call for more gender equality and representation in politics across the continent of Africa. 

Of the 36 lower houses of parliament worldwide that have reached the 30% threshold considered necessary for women to have an impact on decision-making, 11 are African"

However, a lot of these are down to quotas being utilised in order to get women into positions of authority and power. And even then, there is evidence to show that it takes a long time for women in power to make changes to policy:

Despite law changes in South Africa, the World Economic Forum's gender-gap report shows that women earn 35% less than men doing the same jobs."

But this should not be discouraging, whilst it may take time, there is already evidence of movement towards fair representation.


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