GM Bananas

by Developed Africa 18. June 2014 09:00

Following our posts last week about GM products, a GM banana has garnered a lot of attention in the media this week.

The banana in question has been developed in Australia with higher levels of Vitamin A and has been invented in order to combat the effects that a lack of proper nutrients can have on the poor, especially on the continent of Africa. Vitamin A deficiency causes blindness as well as leading to deaths across the world as:

the consequences of Vitamin A deficiency are dire with 650,000-700,000 children world-wide dying.. each year and at least another 300,000 going blind."

The project is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and was begun at the Queensland University of Technology, but the bananas will now be sent to the US for human tests to determine if they do in fact dramatically increase the intake of Vitamin A. If all goes well, the researchers and producers say they are hoping to get the product growing in Uganda by 2020, and if it is approved, it could be used in other countries too.

Take a look at this video that discusses how well the banana would go down in Uganda:



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