Climate Change Impact on Coffee

by Developed Africa 4. July 2014 09:00

Whilst the demand for coffee is increasing, it would appear that production of the beans is under threat from the effects of climate change.

The "Coffee Barometer" Report 2014 was published yesterday and has put forward that the production of coffee is under threat due to being grown in areas that are starting to feel the strain of climate change, which include Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, alongside a number of South American nations and Vietnam.

The situation is alarming. Erratic temperature and rainfall can affect coffee plants directly, by bringing about sub-optimal growing conditions, and indirectly, by providing favourable conditions for pests and diseases such as coffee rust and the berry borer."

The report notes that in order to meet supply, at the current rate of production decline, then one million extra hectares of land would be need to start cultivating coffee. But this is not the solution that they advise, instead they look to increasing the production on the current land used:

a more sustainable solution is to produce more coffee per unit of land, water, and agrochemicals."

To read the report in full, click here.


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