Healthcare Africa

by Developed Africa 8. July 2014 09:00

From Instagram to a mobile app for Vets, healthcare is developing across the continent.

A new application invented for use by doctors across the globe in order to bridge cultural gaps, called Figure 1, is essentially an instagram for doctors.

As displayed in the image above, medical professionals will be able to photograph and share images of medical ailments to either gain other professional opinions. The app is not just for asking international doctors for help, but can be used to send images to doctors within a hospital to ensure coherent care for a patient, but it does look as thought the app may be targeted towards those working in developing nations and particularly in rural areas to be able to get second opinions on symptoms they are not familiar with.

But it would seem that technology is not only creating apps to help humans, but animals too, as an app is developed specifically for vets and farmers in East Africa to diagnose and correctly treat their livestock. The app, VetAfrica, was produced by a Scottish technology company, Conjengo, alongside Microsoft.

Both these apps show the growing trend to embrace mobile technology in order to improve healthcare as well as many other sectors.


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