Youth and Agriculture

by Developed Africa 5. November 2014 09:00

There appears to be a lot of discussion at the moment around trying to get young Africans interested in agriculture as a career.

It would appear that there is a lack of young people wanting to go into the agriculture sector:

half the farmers in the United States are 55 years or older, while in sub-Saharan Africa, the average age of farmers is around 60 years old."

It is thought that this lack of will to go into the agriculture by young people is due to the image they have of it as being a lot of hard, physical work with little economic reward, and no way of advancing a career in the sector.

An article published by the Thomas Reuters Foundation entitled: "Make agriculture a sexy career choice for young Africans, urges AGRA head" is perhaps a telling sign that something needs to be done to get the youth of Africa to view agriculture differently. And according to the head of AGRA,  Jane Karaku, it is the increased need for mechanisation in agriculture that will attract youth to the career.


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